About the Mountain
Cannabis Ready Property Available

CannaMountain INC is a property Management company overseeing 100 acres of pristine land located in Holland Massachusetts. Located right next to the Hamilton Reservoir.  Two large Cannabis business lots designed to promote an all-inclusive cannabis community around cannabis innovation and progress.

Are you in search of the perfect space for your cannabis business? Look no further than Cannamountain INC. We're not just a property management company – we are an entire ecosystem dedicated to empowering cannabis entrepreneurs and connoisseurs. Please reach out for leasing info.  

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Our Services

Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Space for Rent
88,000 sq. ft. Recreational Cannabis production space available starting
Q4 2024
Research Space for Rent
Licensed Cannabis Research laboratory space for rent and partnership
Land Leasing
For Larger long-term cannabis operations, look no further than CannaMountain
Our partnership network extends nationally and internationally. It allows us to connect and recruit the greatest minds in the industry and create a community of cannabis enthusiast and experts
Consulting & Staffing
Our team of Award-winning expert consultants can help you from seed to sale. Our Cultivation, Manufacturing, data science, and staffing services give us a full suite solution for any cannabis company.
Intellectual Property Holdings
Our intellectual property assets give us an advantage with multiple award winning strains and recipes. We are most excited about our proprietary technologies to innovate the cannabis industries with a Biotech approach
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