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Manufacturing and Research Ecosystem in Holland, MA!
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We support cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Grow your business, establish your brand, or partake in our one of a kind Cannabis Research membership program.

CannaMountain INC is a property management company overseeing 100 acres of pristine land located in Holland, Massachusetts. Located right next to the Hamilton Reservoir.  Two large Cannabis business lots are designed to promote an all-inclusive cannabis community around cannabis innovation and progress.

Are you in search of the perfect space for your cannabis business? Look no further than Cannamountain INC. We aren't just a property management company – we are an entire partnership ecosystem dedicated to empowering cannabis entrepreneurs and connoisseurs. Please reach out for leasing info!  

Our Mission

At CannaMountain, we aim to create an all inclusive cannabis ecosystem of commerce, education, and innovation. Through our research partner National Cannabis Research INC, we will change the cannabis industry with our discoveries and proprietary cannabis formulations. Our passion for sustainability and environmental protection is what drives us to find hemp-based solutions to reinvent the way we do things as a society. We want to build a community of cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Together, we can change the history of Cannabis. Our mission is clear, It's all about the Planet.

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Company news

CannaMountain INC's subsidiaries, Greenwayv INC and National Cannabis Research INC, are granted provisional licensing from Massachusetts CCC
August 25, 2023

Greenwayv INC and National Cannabis Research INC proudly announce that we have recieved provisional licenses for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and research. This achievement signifies a significant advancement in their mission to explore the full potential of cannabis while adhering to sustainable practices. With a strong commitment to responsible operations, the companies are poised to redefine the cannabis landscape by producing high-quality products, fostering innovation, and prioritizing ethical research. The companies express gratitude to their dedicated team, supporters, and partners and look forward to a promising future in the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

CannaMountain INC announces strategic acquisition of cannabis biotech company Cannamatrix INC and IP holding company Zenn Labs LLC
August 18, 2023

CannaMountain INC has made a strategic acquisition and partnership with the cannabis biotech startup Cannamatrix INC and IP holding company Zenn Labs LLC. CannaMountain, a property management company in the Massachusetts cannabis market, is joining forces with Cannamatrix, known for its pioneering work in genetic testing and enhancement of cannabis strains. This collaboration aims to enhance product quality, potency, and sustainability in the cannabis industry.

CannaMountain INC, Greenwayv INC, National Cannabis Research INC, and Cannamatrix INC form a Corporate Alliance
August 25, 2023

CannaMountain INC, Greenwayv INC, National Cannabis Research INC, and Cannamatrix INC form a Corporate Alliance to create cannabis innovation and manufacturing pipeline. Together, they can manufacture unique cannabis formulations for the medical and recreational markets.

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